AnaGame is an anagrams game for Android.

The rules :

The game :
You have to find a maximum of words from 3 to 6 letters, before the end of the granted time.
In the next level, new letters are given. To unlock it, you need to find a 6 letters word or a certain quantity of words (which depends on the level).
The found words appear on the top. The score depends on the level and on the words' length.
A wrong word decreases the granted time whereas a correct one increases it.

The score :
If your score is in the top 20, you can save it at the end of the game. In the "Scores" part, you can have access to the ranking and save your scores online if it is not already done by clicking on the rank.

The submission :
You can submit a word for a next update. Enter a word and choose if it should be added or removed.

Download :
You can download the game with this QR Code :

Or following this link : Anagame